Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I was on my way home from work yesterday and one of my co-workers says "Hey! I found this penny on the ground." and gave it to me.  Considering that any found or given money can be applied to DTAMP I was rather excited and thought about the scripture that says

"He who has, more shall be given.  He who has not, even what he has shall be taken away."

I still don't know completely what this means.  However I was reminded of this scripture because I saw a change in certain things in my life since starting this project.  I am far more 'noticing' when it comes to trades and money in general.  I don't take even a single penny lightly anymore when I used to simply pass on by and never give a care.

Funny the way life works. *raises eyebrow*

I almost couldn't make out the year on this penny due to the damage, but after a little searching I found it.

Penny: [1986D]

It's only ONE found penny.... but I don't care! CHARGE!! [sound trumpet]

Step: [12]
Stake: [$10.02]
Needed: [$9.98]

Captain Pasyyl

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