Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DTAMP Step One: Complete


At the job I work, I was once a Driver.  One who does odd jobs on site, drives people to and fro on property and gives guests rides to and from the airport.  Then I was promoted to a Camera Systems Technician with a new job and a new desk/office of my own.

Earlier today, I had meandered up to the main office in which I used to have a shared desk for all "drivers" and happened to notice a shiny penny sitting on the base of an old monitor that was made in the 80's.  Some companies simply never upgrade anything.

This is a 1973 - D (mint) penny found Heads Up.

This penny marks the very FIRST step forward in DTAMP [II].

"And so........ it begins......."

Penny: [1973D]
Captain Pasyyl

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