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DTAMP [II] - Double To A Million Plan, (the second) [II]
[STAMP] - Save To A Million Plan

DTAMP [II] - Marketplace: Any of the projects I work on and sell to attempt to make it to the next step (or even previous steps) will be sold here in case any of you are interested in helping me support this project.

Shows what Steps I am on for both DTAMP [II] & [STAMP] and how many steps I need to reach the end goal.

Shows my current DTAMP [II] Stake and how much I need to complete the step I'm on.

Shows my current [STAMP] Bank and which investments I have with their yield percentages.


Any active DTAMP [II] or [STAMP] projects will be listed here.

You can view any of the completed steps, background work or support system information (in sequential order from first to last) by clicking these links.


The pageviews for the past week.

A little background information.


If you're interested in starting out on your own project, feel free to download/read these Rulebooks.  You'll need them if you want to be a success.  You can also check out the Forum.

Here is a list of the other officers I work with on DTAMP.  These are my support friends and encouragement.  I love my friends & family. If you start your own DTAMP project, you will be added.

 This is a list of all the Steps needed to complete DTAMP.  You can read my blogposts according to Step Completion as I've added all the links.


This is a list of all the Steps needed to complete STAMP. 


Here is the SwagBucks sWidget.  With it you can check for codes of the day to earn swagbucks.  To learn more, check out [STAMP] support systems further up the page or click the green/blue link.




[name]: Double To A Million Plan.  In my case, it's DTAMP II for (the second) because I started my current project as a referred member.  Xinfinitum is the one who showed me the way and is quite far ahead.  Check out my "Officers" list to visit his blog.

[idea]: To start with a single penny you find, or are given and eventually double your way to a million dollars.

[stake]: Your project's current funds.  This is the amount you have in DTAMP at any given time and what you will use to further yourself in steps.

[steps]: There are 28 steps you must complete in order to finish the project.

[rules]:  There are 13 rules that you will need to follow if you would like to finish the project the way it was intended.

[support]:  Just like anything, it's healthy for your project to have those who share in your experiences.  Who can lift you up and encourage you.



[name]: Save To A Million Plan.

[idea]: This is a program made to augment DTAMP without breaking any of the rules.  While DTAMP is in operation, this project is made to increase your funds so that when DTAMP is complete, you can add your STAMP funds to the overall project.

[bank]:  Your current STAMP funds.  This will not include future STAMP made investments.

[steps]:  There are 15 steps to complete STAMP.  Once you reach step 15 and make your first investment, you will recycle back to step 10 and start from there instead of starting from scratch.

[rules]:  There are 7 rules to follow if you wish to run this project as it was intended.


 Captain Pasyyl

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