Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fight the Addiction

I don't know how many people say "Fight the Addiction" when they're talking about issues of addiction.

It's everywhere.

I remember a long time ago when my Father told me a story about how he used to work on things in his spare time.  He has an incredible sense of will which I admire.  Once he told me that at one point he began smoking a pipe.  Good flavor, seemingly relaxing qualities, and humans seem to have an affinity for putting things in their mouth no matter WHAT age they're at.  Then he said that after a seriously short amount of time his mind began asking for it, then more often, and more often until finally he realized it became an addiction.  The pipe smoking began taking over.  Then he told me how he made a solid decision, "I will NOT allow THIS to rule me!" and [POW] the spell was broken and the addiction smashed to pieces.

I recently just underwent my own issue where I notice an addiction, is like a cloud.  It slowly creeps in and before you know it you can't see anything.

Imagine being addicted to something SO badly that you can't imagine your life without it.  If you STOP doing this thing you'll never live.  You aren't even YOURSELF and you begin wondering if your inner self is ANYTHING like the self you're seeing yourself be.  It's TERRIFYING.

After paying someone for something, in the heat of this addiction, then in the process of 'satisfying' this addiction I suddenly realized, it's not about fighting the monster the addiction creates, it's making the solid choice of not WANTING to be ADDICTED any longer.

Fight the Addiction, not the monster.

Like my Father when he made that choice against the pipe, and suddenly it being as if it never were, I watched while in the middle of satisfying this craving, I suddenly didn't want to be addicted anymore and it was as if the GATES were open and this thing which a few minutes prior I absoltely needed, had zero influence.  It was as if the thing died in my hand and everything died with it.

So this new found truth is a treasure INDEED, but I also realized that like a cloud, it can easily creep back in and you constantly have to fight the addiction to keep it at bay, until finally there is nothing of it left.

While pondering this new revelation, I happened to go through the NOSO's for swagbucks and the CAPTCHA code was "move mountains".  How AWESOME.

Captain Pasyyl

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