Monday, April 11, 2011

Follow the rules:

Starting this DTAMP project has taught me how special following a set of rules can be.  Especially when those rules work.

Since I've started DTAMP, I have been desiring to add supplemental income to help boost DTAMP along it's course.  To 'floof' wind in the sail so to speak.  However, this would break one of the 13 set rules for DTAMP and I KNOW beyond ANY doubt that as soon as I break even ONE rule, my mindset for this project will be irrevocably altered.

I cannot allow that.

Therefore!! I am PLEASED to present to you all...

Save To A Million Plan

What the HECK is that you ask?  Good question! Thank you for asking! *ahem*

STAMP: Save To A Million Plan - An augmentation program I have built in combination with DTAMP which will help DTAMP's goal without breaking any rules.

You see, having this revelation that ONE found penny was worth more than the hundreds I had in my little vase at home got me to thinking.  I couldn't understand why ONE penny was worth more than a hundred, so I pondered it.  I concluded it MUST be something with the mindset instead of the money itself.

I WANTED my pennies, and all the REST of my money, to have the same kind of value that one penny does, but I remember DTAMP Rule #2 & #9 both of which say you cannot supplement the DTAMP Stake with outside funding of any kind.  You must use (say) $10 to buy supplies/etc in order to make the $20 for the next step.

Since these rules are firmly in affect, STAMP & the STAMP Bank are designed for the sole purpose of allowing you to save the money you WOULD WANT to use to supplement DTAMP but CANNOT due to the rules.

Base Premise:  You have an account or stash area where you can put all the money you want to use for DTAMP but cannot.  You save money, change, parts of your paycheck, and whatever money you CANNOT (I REPEAT) CANNOT use in DTAMP.  ANY funds you find that you CAN use for DTAMP you use for DTAMP since DTAMP is the priority here.

At the point in time where your DTAMP project is complete and you finish Step 28 (congratulations!) your STAMP Bank will be DUMPED into your final DTAMP (winnings) as a super EXTRA reward for your patience and hard work. :End Base Premise

Since I am going to be opening a second checking account for DTAMP, I've decided that I will also open up an adjacent savings account for STAMP.

NOW.... ALL of your pennies and floater money is worth something!  It's worth something because your newfound STAMP Bank is 'attached' to the value you've created with your DTAMP Stake.  You will not only be doubling your DTAMP money with fun and adventurous projects, but you will have your STAMP Bank standing by to be ALL YOURS when you finally reach the end... and all of THIS without breaking any rules.

I've added new Step, Stake/Bank and Step Goal items on the left column.

STAMP Rulebook to be written/published soon! Stay tuned....

Captain Pasyyl


  1. Very Interesting.


    I like it.


  2. Thank you! I was hoping to find a way to make at least MOST of my money worth something special.

    I am thankful for your encouragement!

    Captain Pasyyl
    DTAMP [II]