Sunday, April 3, 2011

DTAMP [II] Work Proceeding (part II):

It's rather amazing.  Since I've started this new blog, and DTAMP [II] in general, I have been tempted about 14 separate times to cheat.

What's even worse about the issue is that now that I'm looking for ONE penny, I can't seem to find one ANYWHERE!  It's ridiculous!

Some of the heavier temptations.  I came home rather sad I couldn't find a penny and found a 2000 mint penny (face up) sitting in the very MIDDLE of my apartment floor.  All by it's lonesome.  It even said "THIS ONE!!".  I was tempted to use it to begin the project, even took a picture and started writing a post about my first found penny... however, as I was writing this post I started to re-read what I was writing.  Sadly, I noticed that this 'found' penny wasn't found at all seeing how it was in my apartment.  It falls under the idea of outside supplication of funds which would taint the overall results.

Then I REALLY got to thinking and discovered to my shock and horror that this temptation was much like the life of Man.  Had I used this penny to furnish the beginnings of my DTAMP [II] the ENTIRE project from the very FIRST Step would've been tainted and ruined, much like the idea of Adam & Eve i n the garden of Eden.  Tainted from Step One forward.

NOT this time!!!  I rejected this penny, and all others until I FIND a penny lying anywhere but my apartment/car/workspace, or someone HANDS me a penny (or other loose change) just because, and WITHOUT me asking.

This time... we're going to do things RIGHT from day one!


Captain Pasyyl

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