Saturday, April 9, 2011

DTAMP Step 11: Complete

This little cafe is proving quite VALUABLE!

Friday night:  I came in to have a little coffee with my $5.00 stake (since I carry it in a very specific jacket pocket) not actually thinking I would get to move up a step.  I sat and waited for some time before I suddenly felt inspired to ask a DIFFERENT waitress if she would assist me in a 'project' and pulling out the $5.00 I placed it on the table and asked her if she had a 10 dollar bill.  She looked at me sideways saying... "Yeeesssss... why?".  I smiled and said "I will trade you this 5 dollar bill, for that 10 dollar bill."

She asked if I was working on some kind of a legit project because she's heard of the guy who traded a paperclip and got millions.  When I told her I was but couldn't tell her about it until I was done with it, she smiled and the money was exchanged.

Ten Dollar Bill: [2006 - IL89644959A]

I feel it's about time to start actually using my stake to purchase things and turning those things into a VALUE and attempting to sell/trade that instead.  I seriously doubt that someone will trade a $10 bill into a $20.  Then again (thinks) you never know....

Step: [12]
Stake: [$10.00]
Needed: [$10.00]

Captain Pasyyl

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