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Introduction: As one of DTAMP [II] support systems, I felt it necessary to give the full rundown of my personal experiences with so that you can know what your options are.  Normally I would never be so 'involved' with a system like this, but seeing how I am currently experiencing the SUCCESS from this system, and watching other people also succeed with this system, I feel it is a benefit to all, DTAMP[ers] or not.

Base Premise: The basic premise behind swagbucks is that you can do most all of the things you normally do online, such as Searching [through or other search engines], Printing/Using Coupons, Playing Online Games, Participating in Polls, Sift Through Offers, Perform Tasks [which yield rewards], Fill Out Surveys [which also gives rewards], Trade In Used Items for Additional Profit [because we love our old stuff more than others do], and last but NOT least, Redeem Prizes.  With all of these things, we give our time and effort which IS very valuable to us, so we desire a reasonable return.  Swagbucks provides that return.

Earning 450 swagbucks will earn you One: $5 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Now wait! That may seem like a lot of swagbucks, and who cares about a single $5 gift card... but this is only ONE available prize out of hundreds.  Not to mention the fact that you can earn 450 swagbucks in a few days just by doing searches and playing games.  Maybe ONE survey [that you qualify for] will put you over that top.  You never know.

Nothing is completely perfect, and swagbucks is under no delusion of grandeur, but considering that within three weeks, I have accumilated enough swagbucks for EIGHT $5 Amazon Gift Cards [or any other prizes that I choose of varying swagbuck amounts] I would say that is a VERY good return.  What do you think?

[[Ways To Earn]]

Sign Up Bonus: Just for signing up, Swagbucks will award you 30 swagbucks as a bonus for starting an account.  Once you've signed up, you have the opportunity to automatically begin the Daily Five [see below] which will give you 5 more for a total of 35 swagbucks off the starting line.

The Daily Five: As a 'thank you' for using their services, swagbucks gives you the opportunity to earn 5 swagbucks a day just because you're special to them.  5 swagbucks adds up eventually, especially while you're there earning around 30-300 per day, depending on your 'doings'.

1.] You get 1 swagbuck just for using the toolbar
           - The toolbar is a download which is placed in your browser.  Gives you full access to your account.

2.] You get 2 swagbucks for NOSO
           - NOSO stands for No Obligation Special Offers.  It's basically a string of Special Offers that they show you [and they get paid for your viewings] and you skip through [about 5 of them] to get the swagbucks at the end.

3.] You get 1 swagbuck for the Daily Poll
           - Just by answering the question in the Daily Poll gives you that swagbuck.

4.] You get 1 swagbuck for visiting the Trusted Survey page
           - You have to 'sign up' for the Trusted Survey to receive this swagbuck every day.

Searching: Searching is by far the biggest part of Swagbucks.  You do NOT need the toolbar to perform searches, but it is highly recommended [especially since part of the Daily 5 is using the toolbar].

This being the toolbar you'll see in your Internet Explorer/FireFox/Safari window, you can simply enter your search critera as you would in any search engine, and click "Go Win!" or simply hit Enter.  It will run your search for you and give you a list of search links to choose from.  As part of the big Swagbucks Search To Win idea, every so often when they do what they call "Opening The Flood Gates", it means that they have set the swagbucks search to begin awarding random swagbucks to random people for random searches.  Typically it's anywhere from 7 swagbucks to 12 swagbucks for a win, but sometimes it can be 22, 34 or even 50 swagbucks for a search win.  You usually can pull 3 search wins every day [sometimes more sometimes less], which makes up your typical 30 swagbucks a day average.

Your other Search To Win option is to use the Homepage's Search Bar.  It works just as the toolbar search does, however, once you run your search you will have to return to the homepage or the previous swagbucks search list in order to run a new search.

Here is an example of a search win.  

Be careful.  It IS possible to OVER search.  If they count too many searches [say 50 or 100] in one sitting, they will assume you are searching only to win swagbucks.  They know people do this anyway, but this is to put a cap fail safe on the system so people can't take advantage.

This search win was because of a swagcode [see below].  The code in the sWidget said "Check Twitter for a code"  When I searched their newest Tweet it read "The first 8 digits of the Fibonacci Sequence might be a code worth 7 swagbucks!"  I used swagbucks to search the Fibonacci Sequence since I didn't know what it was, won 7 swagbucks, found the answer and went to the homepage to enter the code 011235813 since the sequence is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13.  Check below to see where to input the code.

Swagbuck Codes: Every so often, swagbucks gives out 'codes' for people to find.  Usually they take the form of an Alpha-Numeric chain with lowercase and uppercase letters. [Example: A1m0stFr1dAy883].  These codes can be given out for any number of reasons.

1.] Just because - Sometimes they're random, other times because lots of facebook people ask for it
2.] Special Promotions - To lead people to see blog posts or information they put out
3.] Swagbuck Anniversaries or Holidays
4.] Etc...

More often than not, they are posted in the Official Swagbucks Blog [visit] or on the Swagbucks Twitter Page [visit].  One time you may just be able to visit the Blog/Twitter and see the code in one of their new blogs/tweets, and sometimes they HIDE them and you have to do what they refer to as a "Code Search".  Usually you can find out if there is a code two ways.

1.] Visit the Facebook [visit] page [With 450k+ people, everyone says "Thanks for the Code!"]
2.] Use the sWidget [There is one on this blog in the left column, click "Swag Codes"]

 You can enter your new found code here, on the homepage.  Type it exactly as they have it in the entry box and click "Gimmie".  If all is well with the code you enter, it will say how many swagbucks you've received, if not then it will either tell you it's expired or to enter a valid one.  In this case with the fibonacci sequence, when I found it, looked like this 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13.... etc.  Obviously this isn't how swagbucks picks codes so I had to translate it.  The correct code would be [011235813] without the []'s.

See how fun codes can be?  This is a moderate hidden code, on a scale of 1 - 5 this probably ranks a 2, with 5 being the hardest.

Coupons: Since most of us go out and shop for the normal, every day items we need, swagbucks decided to help the process a bit.  Instead of simply going to the store with your regular coupons, you can take THESE swagbucks coupons that you simply print and carry with you, redeem them like you would any other coupon, and once the 'process' goes through, and swagbucks registers the use of your coupon [which might take some time] then they simply GIVE you 10 swagbucks per redeemed coupon.  That, added to your normal 30-300 swagbucks per day can start adding up very quickly, especially if you redeem 10 coupons in a single day, that's 100 swagbucks for doing what you do anyway!

Daily Deals:  Much like coupons, these "groupons" act as a mix between Special Offer Sales, and coupons.  Since most people use or buy these items anyway, swagbucks figures that instead of you buying these items/subscriptions and getting only the items/subscriptions, how about they tack on some swagbucks for your trouble so you can earn enough to buy what you like from, or perhaps you would rather just trade in swagbucks for straight Cash through  700 swagbucks gives you a $5 cash return on

Games: There's quite a following with the Online games nowadays, probably because they're so easy to play and the leaderboards are pretty unique, allowing everyone to pit their skills against anyone else.  However, in this case Swagbucks makes the pot a bit sweeter.  While sitting there and playing your games [which you may or may not do anyway] you have the ability to earn a few swagbucks while you do it! Typically, you earn 2 swagbucks for every 2 games you play.  This seems to fluctuate a bit.  It's not awarded every time, but even still you're getting free swagbucks for playing games, which is now being ADDED to your 30-300 swagbucks you're earning anyway.

Part Two: Not only do you earn swagbucks for playing games, but you can also spend your swagbucks to enter tournaments! The leaderboards show you INTERNET WIDE the standings of people, but swagbucks goes a bit deeper and actually makes these tournies set up for local 'Best Score' winnings of massive swagbucks.  I have personally been practicing the game DROP 3.  While the internet wide highscore of drop 3 is well over 1 million points [which I will probably never get], the swagbuck tournament usually tops out at 150k points.  Seeing how I am around an average of 125k points, I will SOON be good enough to enter the tournament, and possibly win [up to 5 tournaments a month].  The points for tournaments vary depending on how many people pay swagbucks to enter each game, but usually Drop 3 tops out at anywhere from 1,200 swagbucks to 3,500 swagbucks.  Imagine how happy I would be!  That's anywhere from $10 - almost $40 in Gift Cards!

Special Offers: These are a series of Videos, Surveys, and Offers that will credit you different amounts of swagbucks depending on the item.

Between Gambit/TapJoy/TrialPay & RadiumOne - there are hundreds of offers available.  From Netflix, to Equifax, to AT&T offers.  Videos that if you watch them give you swagbucks and much more.  There is so much available here it would take a whole different blog to post it all, so I will just let you check this out on your own.

Paymentwall is the area you can go and keep tabs on all of the offers you've done or are in the process of doing.  Sometimes the offers don't credit right away, there have been some known glitches but this Paymentwall gives everyone the opportunity to stake a claim and fix an issue.


Tasks: This is a fairly new system Swagbucks has just instituted.  As you can see by the picture it is simply a series of tasks that people can do to earn swagbucks.  Some of them are daunting, some are very simplistic, but with a little elbow grease and monkey wrenching, you can squeeze some swagbuck horsepower out of this baby.

Trade In: This gives you the opportunity to trade in old items in return for swagbucks.  They have a comprehensive list of items that they will accept, but if you have what they are looking for, swagbucks will be given to you for them.  Things such as [mp3 players, cell phones, x-box, playstation, nintendo consoles, & old books].  Check it out.  See if you can find your old items in their lists and if you're willing to part with them you'll be compensated for it.  Oh... and THEY pay for shipping costs!

SBTV: Swagbucks TV.  This little contraption is another one of the top swagbuck earners.  It's a little movie player which is embeded into the toolbar.  You can use the homepage too, but this popup/minimize toolbar box plays all kinds of videos and even lets you minimize the popup TV so you don't have to watch them.  You can do other things while they play in the background.  Each one has an advertisement and the videos are anywhere from 1.5 minutes to10 minutes.  Your SB meter grows in incriments of 10%.  Every time you watch ONE movie, your bar goes up 10% until you reach 100%.  Once you reach 100% you win 3 swagbucks.  Then your meter returns to zero and you can start over.  
You can do this up to 15 times [although some have reported doing it much more than 15]  If you "Max Out" on SBTV, at 15 x 3 = 45 swagbucks.  That's ON TOP of the 30 average.

Surveys: One of the most contested swagbuck earnings is the Survey System.  These surveys have been specifically selected for certain types of people to fill out.  You will NOT get to do every single one.  You will have to sift through them, answer a few questions about yourself so they can determine if they want your feedback, and if yes then you can complete the survey and get the swagbucks!  I personally have applied/been accepted for one survey so far and it was for 125 swagbucks.  I've applied for a few others since then but haven't qualified.  If you believe that getting these swagbucks is worth a little effort to sift through some surveys, then this is the way for you to go at it!

*Note* If you try out for a survey but fail to qualify, Swagbucks will give you free entry tickets into a swagstakes [see below].

Swagstakes: If you feel like spending some of your swagbucks in a gamble, you can enter the Swagbucks Swagstakes for a chance to win prizes.  Each prize shows how much time is left until you cannot enter, or how many Entry tickets are left to be able to purchase.  If you win the swagstakes, they give you your prize, if not then you lose the swagbucks you paid to enter.

Swagstore:  The swagstore is where you can go to spend your swagbucks.  They have TONS of goodies here.  The most famous are the Amazon Gift Cards which you can use at and buy anything you want.  However, they also have other items and other types of gift cards that you can spend your swagbucks on.

I'm not going to spoil this part of the fun for you, go there and check it out.  You WONT be disappointed.

Referrals: For each referral you get under you, each time they get a Search Win, you get the same swagbucks also!  If one of your referrals wins 12 swagbucks on a Search Win, and another one wins 34 swagbucks on a Search Win, YOU just won 46 swagbucks, free of charge. You can receive up to 1,000 swagbucks per referral. [Essentially, you win 1,000 swagbucks for each referral assuming they Search Win over 1,000 swagbucks]

Account Menu:  Make sure you check your account status regularly. Use the circle arrow to Update your swagbuck total.  My Swag Bucks will show you your Ledger [which tells you where each swagbuck came from, and went to] You can check your referrals, your friends, which Gift Cards you have on order and more.  This will be your best friend as it keeps you up to date on all your swagbuck work.

Conclusion: Well now, if you've read this entire post I am hoping you have the feeling that you already know swagbucks WELL and are ready to get down to it.  Considering there's nothing to lose but time, and quite a bit to gain, it's a bargain.  If you decide to sign up and check it out, all power to you! Don't hesitate to comment questions or issues! I will be glad to help.

*Note* I would be very appreciative if you would be willing to go to the website by clicking [SWAGBUCKS].  Thank you!

Thank you for your time Ladies & Gents!
Captain Pasyyl

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