Saturday, April 16, 2011

100+ times: Literally

I have watched most all of [Star Trek: The Next Generation] episodes over 100 times each.

Sad I know.

However, as I was watching one of my upper favorites [Ship In A Bottle] I suddenly had a revelation that made me feel STUPID as can be.

The episode is based on the idea that a holodeck character [Professor Moriarty]  is suddenly endowed with higher consciousness whereas he understands beyond the holodeck.  He knows Picard and Crew and knows about the Enterprise, and wants to LEAVE it to go into 'the real world'.

After locking Picard, Data and Brocoli in a holodeck and making them believe they were still on the Enterprise, Picard finds a way to program the holodeck INSIDE the holodeck to convince Moriarty that he was actually leaving the holodeck and going into 'the real world'.

Now if you're interested in the rest of the story [watch this] from [5:15 - end] so you can understand what I am about to say.

The 100+ times I've watched this episode, I always ALWAYS automatically thought without any other thought, that Picard was talking in reference to the possibility that the Enterprise and her crew and their universe was just a simulation sitting on someone's table.

It hadn't OCCURRED to me until THIS time, years later, that Picard was ACTUALLY talking about the Star Trek Episodes running on my laptop sitting on my desk... HAHAHAHAHA!!!! *brilliant*

Captain Pasyyl


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