Tuesday, April 12, 2011

STAMP Step 1 & 2: Complete

After presenting STAMP & the STAMP Bank, I shortly thereafter proceeded to my trusty bank.

I opened both a DTAMP checking account for future use, and a STAMP Savings account at the same time.  Since neither of these accounts will be 'joined' in any such way, I thought this was an excellent way of keeping things rather organized.

I took the liberty of pulling all of my loose change I could find at home, including but not limited to all my pennies in my vase.  I counted them all, and took a picture for blogsake.

 Loose Change: [$9.90]

The ladies at the bank thought I was pretty ODD when I asked them to pull a clean 50 dollar bill out of my original savings to place in my new savings account.... AFTER I take a picture of it (which is the part that raised a few eyebrows).  Hey! I have to keep the picture taking going! Adds to the flavor of the project.

Fifty Dollar Bill: [2006 - GG03627431A]

This places me at STAMP Step 3 with a STAMP Bank: [$59.90].

Onward! Charge! [sound trumpet]

Step: [3]
Bank: [$59.90]
Needed: [$40.10]

Captain Pasyyl

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