Sunday, April 17, 2011

DTAMP Project: Sculptie

I finally made my first purchase with my DTAMP Stake money.

Step: [13]
Stake: [$20.00]
Needed: [$20.00]

Paint: [8 Primary colors] [$4.79]

Clay: [AirDry/Bake] [$5.28]

Lace: [Leathercraft - 6 yards] [$4.79]

Paintbrush: [4 sizes] [$2.39]

Total: [$17.25]

Change: [$2.75]

Quarter: [1978] - [2008D] - [2008P]

Dollar Bill: [2006 - L21394433G] - [2006 - L44002865F]

It is my hope to make a few clay sculpted/painted necklaces.  If I can sell them for about $7-$10 a necklace at about 4 - 6 depending on the size of lace I use, that should be enough to take me to Step 14.  Even after all the necklaces are made, I might even have enough clay to sculpt something else and sell that too!

I'm hoping that I will be able to use eBay/PayPal, however I will try selling them in person first due to the rules stating I must use actual money 'notes' until around Step 15.  I will do my best to honor this rule.

Onward!! CHARGE!

Step: [13]
Stake: [$2.75]
Projects: [$17.25]
Needed: [$37.25]

Captain Pasyyl