Sunday, April 17, 2011

DTAMP Project: Sculptie

I finally made my first purchase with my DTAMP Stake money.

Step: [13]
Stake: [$20.00]
Needed: [$20.00]

Paint: [8 Primary colors] [$4.79]

Clay: [AirDry/Bake] [$5.28]

Lace: [Leathercraft - 6 yards] [$4.79]

Paintbrush: [4 sizes] [$2.39]

Total: [$17.25]

Change: [$2.75]

Quarter: [1978] - [2008D] - [2008P]

Dollar Bill: [2006 - L21394433G] - [2006 - L44002865F]

It is my hope to make a few clay sculpted/painted necklaces.  If I can sell them for about $7-$10 a necklace at about 4 - 6 depending on the size of lace I use, that should be enough to take me to Step 14.  Even after all the necklaces are made, I might even have enough clay to sculpt something else and sell that too!

I'm hoping that I will be able to use eBay/PayPal, however I will try selling them in person first due to the rules stating I must use actual money 'notes' until around Step 15.  I will do my best to honor this rule.

Onward!! CHARGE!

Step: [13]
Stake: [$2.75]
Projects: [$17.25]
Needed: [$37.25]

Captain Pasyyl

Saturday, April 16, 2011

100+ times: Literally

I have watched most all of [Star Trek: The Next Generation] episodes over 100 times each.

Sad I know.

However, as I was watching one of my upper favorites [Ship In A Bottle] I suddenly had a revelation that made me feel STUPID as can be.

The episode is based on the idea that a holodeck character [Professor Moriarty]  is suddenly endowed with higher consciousness whereas he understands beyond the holodeck.  He knows Picard and Crew and knows about the Enterprise, and wants to LEAVE it to go into 'the real world'.

After locking Picard, Data and Brocoli in a holodeck and making them believe they were still on the Enterprise, Picard finds a way to program the holodeck INSIDE the holodeck to convince Moriarty that he was actually leaving the holodeck and going into 'the real world'.

Now if you're interested in the rest of the story [watch this] from [5:15 - end] so you can understand what I am about to say.

The 100+ times I've watched this episode, I always ALWAYS automatically thought without any other thought, that Picard was talking in reference to the possibility that the Enterprise and her crew and their universe was just a simulation sitting on someone's table.

It hadn't OCCURRED to me until THIS time, years later, that Picard was ACTUALLY talking about the Star Trek Episodes running on my laptop sitting on my desk... HAHAHAHAHA!!!! *brilliant*

Captain Pasyyl


Friday, April 15, 2011

Step 12: Complete

Shortly after I found the $0.14 and added it to my stake, I (again) went to my cafe only to see a friend that I haven't seen since BEFORE I started DTAMP.  He looked so chipper I simply HAD to ask.

"I'm working on a project..." (half smirk) "I will trade you this ten dollar bill, two nickels and four pennies for a twenty dollar bill." (pushes the money near him)

After eyeing the money and returning my half smirk, he reached into his wallet and pulled a twenty practically throwing it across the table at me.


I could not BELIEVE how generous my friends are.  He didn't even ask about it, and hesitated only to ponder what I could possibly be asking to do this for.

The money was exchanged.

Twenty Dollar Bill: [2004 - EL14607856B]

Mr. Van Dyke (around 3:45 of the video) tries to inspire his writers to add a quote from 

[Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882) was an American lecturer, philosopher, essayist, and poet (quoted from]

"He who sows courtesy, reaps friendship. He who plants kindness, gathers Love."

I absolutely believe that based on my experiences so far with DTAMP, this statement is absolutely true in every detail.  Thank you my friends.

This is the weekend where I will take my $20.00 stake money and buy my first set of items to make a value.  With a little skill and elbow grease I am SURE I will be able to hit the next step!

Step: [13]
Stake: [$20.00]
Needed: [$20.00]

Captain Pasyyl


Found some more

Today, just before I was leaving work I managed to find two nickles and two pennies.

Penny: [1980D] - [1983D]

Nickel: [1988D] - [1991D]

Step: [12]
Stake: [$10.14]
Needed: [$9.86]

Captain Pasyyl

Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I was on my way home from work yesterday and one of my co-workers says "Hey! I found this penny on the ground." and gave it to me.  Considering that any found or given money can be applied to DTAMP I was rather excited and thought about the scripture that says

"He who has, more shall be given.  He who has not, even what he has shall be taken away."

I still don't know completely what this means.  However I was reminded of this scripture because I saw a change in certain things in my life since starting this project.  I am far more 'noticing' when it comes to trades and money in general.  I don't take even a single penny lightly anymore when I used to simply pass on by and never give a care.

Funny the way life works. *raises eyebrow*

I almost couldn't make out the year on this penny due to the damage, but after a little searching I found it.

Penny: [1986D]

It's only ONE found penny.... but I don't care! CHARGE!! [sound trumpet]

Step: [12]
Stake: [$10.02]
Needed: [$9.98]

Captain Pasyyl

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Welcome to:

DTAMP [II] - Double To A Million Plan, (the second) [II]
[STAMP] - Save To A Million Plan

DTAMP [II] - Marketplace: Any of the projects I work on and sell to attempt to make it to the next step (or even previous steps) will be sold here in case any of you are interested in helping me support this project.

Shows what Steps I am on for both DTAMP [II] & [STAMP] and how many steps I need to reach the end goal.

Shows my current DTAMP [II] Stake and how much I need to complete the step I'm on.

Shows my current [STAMP] Bank and which investments I have with their yield percentages.


Any active DTAMP [II] or [STAMP] projects will be listed here.

You can view any of the completed steps, background work or support system information (in sequential order from first to last) by clicking these links.


The pageviews for the past week.

A little background information.


If you're interested in starting out on your own project, feel free to download/read these Rulebooks.  You'll need them if you want to be a success.  You can also check out the Forum.

Here is a list of the other officers I work with on DTAMP.  These are my support friends and encouragement.  I love my friends & family. If you start your own DTAMP project, you will be added.

 This is a list of all the Steps needed to complete DTAMP.  You can read my blogposts according to Step Completion as I've added all the links.


This is a list of all the Steps needed to complete STAMP. 


Here is the SwagBucks sWidget.  With it you can check for codes of the day to earn swagbucks.  To learn more, check out [STAMP] support systems further up the page or click the green/blue link.




[name]: Double To A Million Plan.  In my case, it's DTAMP II for (the second) because I started my current project as a referred member.  Xinfinitum is the one who showed me the way and is quite far ahead.  Check out my "Officers" list to visit his blog.

[idea]: To start with a single penny you find, or are given and eventually double your way to a million dollars.

[stake]: Your project's current funds.  This is the amount you have in DTAMP at any given time and what you will use to further yourself in steps.

[steps]: There are 28 steps you must complete in order to finish the project.

[rules]:  There are 13 rules that you will need to follow if you would like to finish the project the way it was intended.

[support]:  Just like anything, it's healthy for your project to have those who share in your experiences.  Who can lift you up and encourage you.



[name]: Save To A Million Plan.

[idea]: This is a program made to augment DTAMP without breaking any of the rules.  While DTAMP is in operation, this project is made to increase your funds so that when DTAMP is complete, you can add your STAMP funds to the overall project.

[bank]:  Your current STAMP funds.  This will not include future STAMP made investments.

[steps]:  There are 15 steps to complete STAMP.  Once you reach step 15 and make your first investment, you will recycle back to step 10 and start from there instead of starting from scratch.

[rules]:  There are 7 rules to follow if you wish to run this project as it was intended.


 Captain Pasyyl

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

STAMP Rulebook

[[STAMP Steps]]

[ .1. ] [Stash initial investment and loose change]
[ .2. ] [$25.00 - $50.00]
[ .3. ] [$50.00 - $100.00]
[ .4. ] [$100.00 - $200.00]
[ .5. ] [$200.00 - $400.00]
[ .6. ] [$400.00 - $800.00]
[ .7. ] [$800.00 - $1,200.00]
[ .8. ] [$1,200.00 - $1,600.00]
[ .9. ] [$1,600.00 - $2,000.00]
[ 10 ] [$2,000.00 - $2,400.00]
[ 11 ] [$2,400.00 - $2,800.00]
[ 12 ] [$2,800.00 - $3,200.00]
[ 13 ] [$3,200.00 - $3,600.00]
[ 14 ] [$3,600.00 - $4,000.00]
[ 15 ] [Invest $2,000 - Repeat from step 10]

The STAMP Bank steps double until Step 6, then each step is in increments of [$400.00] per step.  This was done because this is strictly a savings project with no doubling 'technique' involved.

Like DTAMP, [STAMP] has a few rules to follow in order to protect the DTAMP project.

[[Rule I]] - [DTAMP is the priority] -----------------------------------------------------]

All of DTAMP'S 13 rules are in continuous affect.  The STAMP project is only to help make OTHER funds (non DTAMP funds) as valuable and purposeful as possible.  If you find a five dollar bill laying on the ground, PLEASE do NOT put that in your STAMP Bank since finding 'free' money on the ground (assuming you can't find the owner) is completely within the guidelines of adding that to your DTAMP Stake.

[[Rule II]] - [STAMP Bank Spending] -----------------------------------------------------]

Just like DTAMP, you CANNOT spend a single cent in your STAMP Bank.  You must use the same discipline you're showing for your DTAMP Stake with your STAMP Bank.

[[Rule III]] - [DTAMP Over Stepping] -----------------------------------------------------]

DTAMP Rule IV states that if you go OVER the amount for that step, then you take away the 'over amount' and spend it on yourself.  In this case, you CAN 'spend it on yourself' by adding it to your STAMP Bank, since you're going to invest it and get it all back in the end anyway.

[[Rule IV]] - [Initial Investment] -----------------------------------------------------]

This can essentially be whatever amount you want.  It can come from any source so long as it isn't funds attached in anyway to your DTAMP Stake/Project.  STAMP Step 2 starts the system at $25 - $50, but you can start from any step with any amount.  CAUTION: Since Rule II is in effect, you CANNOT spend this money once you invest it in STAMP.  Invest with care.

[[Rule V]] - [Secondary Investments] -----------------------------------------------------]

You can add to this fund any time your heart desires with just about any money you want, providing it is NOT DTAMP possible funding. DTAMP is the priority.

Once you reach Step 15 and you have $4,000.00 in your STAMP Bank, your next goal is to take $2,000.00 of it and invest it in a secure fund of some kind.  Mutual Funds &/or CD's with a small but efficient return would be preferable. CAUTION: The idea is to invest in a Medium Yield/Low RISK fund.  You worked really hard to save this money so CONTINUE using it to slowly increase your STAMP Bank.

[[Rule VI]] - [STAMP Bank Reset] -----------------------------------------------------]

Once you have removed $2,000.00 from your STAMP Bank, you will be left with the remaining $2,000.00 at Step 10.  Your next goal is to keep this amount in there and begin saving yet again to get back up to Step 15.  The idea here is that people like to know that there is still something left over.  By taking only 2k and leaving 2k, you have a beautiful base to start again from without having to start from scratch.  Once you gain to Step 15 (for the second/third/etc time) you take that 2k and invest it in another fund.

[[Rule VII]] - [Journal] -----------------------------------------------------]

In conjunction with DTAMP Rule VI, keep a journal.  Cataloging your progress will give substance and flavor to your adventure.  It gives you an 'in your face' experience you normally wouldn't have otherwise. 

REMEMBER: "I get knocked down.... but I get up again... you're never gonna keep me down...." [listen]

Captain Pasyyl

STAMP Step 1 & 2: Complete

After presenting STAMP & the STAMP Bank, I shortly thereafter proceeded to my trusty bank.

I opened both a DTAMP checking account for future use, and a STAMP Savings account at the same time.  Since neither of these accounts will be 'joined' in any such way, I thought this was an excellent way of keeping things rather organized.

I took the liberty of pulling all of my loose change I could find at home, including but not limited to all my pennies in my vase.  I counted them all, and took a picture for blogsake.

 Loose Change: [$9.90]

The ladies at the bank thought I was pretty ODD when I asked them to pull a clean 50 dollar bill out of my original savings to place in my new savings account.... AFTER I take a picture of it (which is the part that raised a few eyebrows).  Hey! I have to keep the picture taking going! Adds to the flavor of the project.

Fifty Dollar Bill: [2006 - GG03627431A]

This places me at STAMP Step 3 with a STAMP Bank: [$59.90].

Onward! Charge! [sound trumpet]

Step: [3]
Bank: [$59.90]
Needed: [$40.10]

Captain Pasyyl

Monday, April 11, 2011

Follow the rules:

Starting this DTAMP project has taught me how special following a set of rules can be.  Especially when those rules work.

Since I've started DTAMP, I have been desiring to add supplemental income to help boost DTAMP along it's course.  To 'floof' wind in the sail so to speak.  However, this would break one of the 13 set rules for DTAMP and I KNOW beyond ANY doubt that as soon as I break even ONE rule, my mindset for this project will be irrevocably altered.

I cannot allow that.

Therefore!! I am PLEASED to present to you all...

Save To A Million Plan

What the HECK is that you ask?  Good question! Thank you for asking! *ahem*

STAMP: Save To A Million Plan - An augmentation program I have built in combination with DTAMP which will help DTAMP's goal without breaking any rules.

You see, having this revelation that ONE found penny was worth more than the hundreds I had in my little vase at home got me to thinking.  I couldn't understand why ONE penny was worth more than a hundred, so I pondered it.  I concluded it MUST be something with the mindset instead of the money itself.

I WANTED my pennies, and all the REST of my money, to have the same kind of value that one penny does, but I remember DTAMP Rule #2 & #9 both of which say you cannot supplement the DTAMP Stake with outside funding of any kind.  You must use (say) $10 to buy supplies/etc in order to make the $20 for the next step.

Since these rules are firmly in affect, STAMP & the STAMP Bank are designed for the sole purpose of allowing you to save the money you WOULD WANT to use to supplement DTAMP but CANNOT due to the rules.

Base Premise:  You have an account or stash area where you can put all the money you want to use for DTAMP but cannot.  You save money, change, parts of your paycheck, and whatever money you CANNOT (I REPEAT) CANNOT use in DTAMP.  ANY funds you find that you CAN use for DTAMP you use for DTAMP since DTAMP is the priority here.

At the point in time where your DTAMP project is complete and you finish Step 28 (congratulations!) your STAMP Bank will be DUMPED into your final DTAMP (winnings) as a super EXTRA reward for your patience and hard work. :End Base Premise

Since I am going to be opening a second checking account for DTAMP, I've decided that I will also open up an adjacent savings account for STAMP.

NOW.... ALL of your pennies and floater money is worth something!  It's worth something because your newfound STAMP Bank is 'attached' to the value you've created with your DTAMP Stake.  You will not only be doubling your DTAMP money with fun and adventurous projects, but you will have your STAMP Bank standing by to be ALL YOURS when you finally reach the end... and all of THIS without breaking any rules.

I've added new Step, Stake/Bank and Step Goal items on the left column.

STAMP Rulebook to be written/published soon! Stay tuned....

Captain Pasyyl

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Saturday evening walking into said cafe yet again, found this penny just outside my car.

Penny: [1973D]

It really is amazing.  Finding this ONE penny, and using it to augment me just one cent [$10.01], reminded me of when I waited three days to find Step 1's penny.

I have a little vase thing FULL of pennies at home, but when I waited three days for the first penny and finally found it, it was worth MORE than all of those pennies in that vase combined.

Then finding THIS penny, it still has even more value then all the change I have saved up anywhere else, and more than anything in my bank account.

This project seriously teaches how to value your money.  I believe that when it comes down to it, I will end up getting rid of most everything I own now, and using my MILLION to re-buy some nice little things like my new home and car and everything else.  Those items will have the value that we should have of the things we are responsible of taking care of.

I am thankful to be allowed to see this take effect in my life.  Valuable lesson...

Step: [12]
Stake: [$10.01]
Needed: [$9.99]

Captain Pasyyl

DTAMP Step 11: Complete

This little cafe is proving quite VALUABLE!

Friday night:  I came in to have a little coffee with my $5.00 stake (since I carry it in a very specific jacket pocket) not actually thinking I would get to move up a step.  I sat and waited for some time before I suddenly felt inspired to ask a DIFFERENT waitress if she would assist me in a 'project' and pulling out the $5.00 I placed it on the table and asked her if she had a 10 dollar bill.  She looked at me sideways saying... "Yeeesssss... why?".  I smiled and said "I will trade you this 5 dollar bill, for that 10 dollar bill."

She asked if I was working on some kind of a legit project because she's heard of the guy who traded a paperclip and got millions.  When I told her I was but couldn't tell her about it until I was done with it, she smiled and the money was exchanged.

Ten Dollar Bill: [2006 - IL89644959A]

I feel it's about time to start actually using my stake to purchase things and turning those things into a VALUE and attempting to sell/trade that instead.  I seriously doubt that someone will trade a $10 bill into a $20.  Then again (thinks) you never know....

Step: [12]
Stake: [$10.00]
Needed: [$10.00]

Captain Pasyyl

Friday, April 8, 2011

DTAMP Step 9 & 10: Complete

So on day two after finding my first penny I rocket up two more steps thanks to another good friend of mine.

We usually always sit and talk longer than most, about all KINDS of things.  In the midst of it all I asked him if he had a 5 dollar bill.  After doing a little searching he flopped one on the table, thinking I was asking him to buy my coffee.

After explaining that I was actually asking to trade him the 1 dollar bill, quarter and three pennies for the 5 dollar bill, and just a little bit of coaxing... the money was exchanged.  [THANK YOU]

Five Dollar Bill: [2006 - IF35538467A]

Captain Pasyyl

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fight the Addiction

I don't know how many people say "Fight the Addiction" when they're talking about issues of addiction.

It's everywhere.

I remember a long time ago when my Father told me a story about how he used to work on things in his spare time.  He has an incredible sense of will which I admire.  Once he told me that at one point he began smoking a pipe.  Good flavor, seemingly relaxing qualities, and humans seem to have an affinity for putting things in their mouth no matter WHAT age they're at.  Then he said that after a seriously short amount of time his mind began asking for it, then more often, and more often until finally he realized it became an addiction.  The pipe smoking began taking over.  Then he told me how he made a solid decision, "I will NOT allow THIS to rule me!" and [POW] the spell was broken and the addiction smashed to pieces.

I recently just underwent my own issue where I notice an addiction, is like a cloud.  It slowly creeps in and before you know it you can't see anything.

Imagine being addicted to something SO badly that you can't imagine your life without it.  If you STOP doing this thing you'll never live.  You aren't even YOURSELF and you begin wondering if your inner self is ANYTHING like the self you're seeing yourself be.  It's TERRIFYING.

After paying someone for something, in the heat of this addiction, then in the process of 'satisfying' this addiction I suddenly realized, it's not about fighting the monster the addiction creates, it's making the solid choice of not WANTING to be ADDICTED any longer.

Fight the Addiction, not the monster.

Like my Father when he made that choice against the pipe, and suddenly it being as if it never were, I watched while in the middle of satisfying this craving, I suddenly didn't want to be addicted anymore and it was as if the GATES were open and this thing which a few minutes prior I absoltely needed, had zero influence.  It was as if the thing died in my hand and everything died with it.

So this new found truth is a treasure INDEED, but I also realized that like a cloud, it can easily creep back in and you constantly have to fight the addiction to keep it at bay, until finally there is nothing of it left.

While pondering this new revelation, I happened to go through the NOSO's for swagbucks and the CAPTCHA code was "move mountains".  How AWESOME.

Captain Pasyyl

DTAMP Step 8: Complete

About 11 minutes after I completed Steps 2 through 7, and being in the middle of taking a picture of my new winnings, two of my usual coffee friends showed up.

Well! I couldn't HIDE my excitement and asked one of them if he would be willing to help me by trading two quarters, a dime and four pennies.... for a Dollar bill, a quarter and three pennies.

After a funny look with raised eyebrows, and a few looks of confusion and half smile "what the hecks?" between the two of them, the money was exchanged.

Quarter: [2003D]

Penny: [1995D] - [1996D] - [1997D]
Dollar Bill: [2006 - L69151497H]

Besides this just being fantastic, and absolutely fun to do, I found it interesting that the three pennies I received [which he totally chose at random] were in numerical sequence by the date.

I am now on Step 9 thanks to friends and the lack of them needing to ask WHY I've lost my MIND!

Captain Pasyyl

DTAMP Step 2 through 7: Complete

So about 18 minutes after finding this penny, I took a little trip over to the cafe I sometimes go to drink coffee and talk with a few friends.  I was so excited I couldn't wait for any friends to show up, so I asked one of the waitresses I know quite well if she would help me by trading this ONE penny, for two quarters, a dime and four pennies.  She said "Sure, I'll be right back with that".

Dime: [1969D]

Quarter: [1995P] - [2000D]
Penny: [1966] - [1982D] - [2003D] - [2003D]

This places me at Step 8! Onward! Charge!

Captain Pasyyl

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DTAMP Step One: Complete


At the job I work, I was once a Driver.  One who does odd jobs on site, drives people to and fro on property and gives guests rides to and from the airport.  Then I was promoted to a Camera Systems Technician with a new job and a new desk/office of my own.

Earlier today, I had meandered up to the main office in which I used to have a shared desk for all "drivers" and happened to notice a shiny penny sitting on the base of an old monitor that was made in the 80's.  Some companies simply never upgrade anything.

This is a 1973 - D (mint) penny found Heads Up.

This penny marks the very FIRST step forward in DTAMP [II].

"And so........ it begins......."

Penny: [1973D]
Captain Pasyyl

Monday, April 4, 2011


Introduction: As one of DTAMP [II] support systems, I felt it necessary to give the full rundown of my personal experiences with so that you can know what your options are.  Normally I would never be so 'involved' with a system like this, but seeing how I am currently experiencing the SUCCESS from this system, and watching other people also succeed with this system, I feel it is a benefit to all, DTAMP[ers] or not.

Base Premise: The basic premise behind swagbucks is that you can do most all of the things you normally do online, such as Searching [through or other search engines], Printing/Using Coupons, Playing Online Games, Participating in Polls, Sift Through Offers, Perform Tasks [which yield rewards], Fill Out Surveys [which also gives rewards], Trade In Used Items for Additional Profit [because we love our old stuff more than others do], and last but NOT least, Redeem Prizes.  With all of these things, we give our time and effort which IS very valuable to us, so we desire a reasonable return.  Swagbucks provides that return.

Earning 450 swagbucks will earn you One: $5 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Now wait! That may seem like a lot of swagbucks, and who cares about a single $5 gift card... but this is only ONE available prize out of hundreds.  Not to mention the fact that you can earn 450 swagbucks in a few days just by doing searches and playing games.  Maybe ONE survey [that you qualify for] will put you over that top.  You never know.

Nothing is completely perfect, and swagbucks is under no delusion of grandeur, but considering that within three weeks, I have accumilated enough swagbucks for EIGHT $5 Amazon Gift Cards [or any other prizes that I choose of varying swagbuck amounts] I would say that is a VERY good return.  What do you think?

[[Ways To Earn]]

Sign Up Bonus: Just for signing up, Swagbucks will award you 30 swagbucks as a bonus for starting an account.  Once you've signed up, you have the opportunity to automatically begin the Daily Five [see below] which will give you 5 more for a total of 35 swagbucks off the starting line.

The Daily Five: As a 'thank you' for using their services, swagbucks gives you the opportunity to earn 5 swagbucks a day just because you're special to them.  5 swagbucks adds up eventually, especially while you're there earning around 30-300 per day, depending on your 'doings'.

1.] You get 1 swagbuck just for using the toolbar
           - The toolbar is a download which is placed in your browser.  Gives you full access to your account.

2.] You get 2 swagbucks for NOSO
           - NOSO stands for No Obligation Special Offers.  It's basically a string of Special Offers that they show you [and they get paid for your viewings] and you skip through [about 5 of them] to get the swagbucks at the end.

3.] You get 1 swagbuck for the Daily Poll
           - Just by answering the question in the Daily Poll gives you that swagbuck.

4.] You get 1 swagbuck for visiting the Trusted Survey page
           - You have to 'sign up' for the Trusted Survey to receive this swagbuck every day.

Searching: Searching is by far the biggest part of Swagbucks.  You do NOT need the toolbar to perform searches, but it is highly recommended [especially since part of the Daily 5 is using the toolbar].

This being the toolbar you'll see in your Internet Explorer/FireFox/Safari window, you can simply enter your search critera as you would in any search engine, and click "Go Win!" or simply hit Enter.  It will run your search for you and give you a list of search links to choose from.  As part of the big Swagbucks Search To Win idea, every so often when they do what they call "Opening The Flood Gates", it means that they have set the swagbucks search to begin awarding random swagbucks to random people for random searches.  Typically it's anywhere from 7 swagbucks to 12 swagbucks for a win, but sometimes it can be 22, 34 or even 50 swagbucks for a search win.  You usually can pull 3 search wins every day [sometimes more sometimes less], which makes up your typical 30 swagbucks a day average.

Your other Search To Win option is to use the Homepage's Search Bar.  It works just as the toolbar search does, however, once you run your search you will have to return to the homepage or the previous swagbucks search list in order to run a new search.

Here is an example of a search win.  

Be careful.  It IS possible to OVER search.  If they count too many searches [say 50 or 100] in one sitting, they will assume you are searching only to win swagbucks.  They know people do this anyway, but this is to put a cap fail safe on the system so people can't take advantage.

This search win was because of a swagcode [see below].  The code in the sWidget said "Check Twitter for a code"  When I searched their newest Tweet it read "The first 8 digits of the Fibonacci Sequence might be a code worth 7 swagbucks!"  I used swagbucks to search the Fibonacci Sequence since I didn't know what it was, won 7 swagbucks, found the answer and went to the homepage to enter the code 011235813 since the sequence is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13.  Check below to see where to input the code.

Swagbuck Codes: Every so often, swagbucks gives out 'codes' for people to find.  Usually they take the form of an Alpha-Numeric chain with lowercase and uppercase letters. [Example: A1m0stFr1dAy883].  These codes can be given out for any number of reasons.

1.] Just because - Sometimes they're random, other times because lots of facebook people ask for it
2.] Special Promotions - To lead people to see blog posts or information they put out
3.] Swagbuck Anniversaries or Holidays
4.] Etc...

More often than not, they are posted in the Official Swagbucks Blog [visit] or on the Swagbucks Twitter Page [visit].  One time you may just be able to visit the Blog/Twitter and see the code in one of their new blogs/tweets, and sometimes they HIDE them and you have to do what they refer to as a "Code Search".  Usually you can find out if there is a code two ways.

1.] Visit the Facebook [visit] page [With 450k+ people, everyone says "Thanks for the Code!"]
2.] Use the sWidget [There is one on this blog in the left column, click "Swag Codes"]

 You can enter your new found code here, on the homepage.  Type it exactly as they have it in the entry box and click "Gimmie".  If all is well with the code you enter, it will say how many swagbucks you've received, if not then it will either tell you it's expired or to enter a valid one.  In this case with the fibonacci sequence, when I found it, looked like this 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13.... etc.  Obviously this isn't how swagbucks picks codes so I had to translate it.  The correct code would be [011235813] without the []'s.

See how fun codes can be?  This is a moderate hidden code, on a scale of 1 - 5 this probably ranks a 2, with 5 being the hardest.

Coupons: Since most of us go out and shop for the normal, every day items we need, swagbucks decided to help the process a bit.  Instead of simply going to the store with your regular coupons, you can take THESE swagbucks coupons that you simply print and carry with you, redeem them like you would any other coupon, and once the 'process' goes through, and swagbucks registers the use of your coupon [which might take some time] then they simply GIVE you 10 swagbucks per redeemed coupon.  That, added to your normal 30-300 swagbucks per day can start adding up very quickly, especially if you redeem 10 coupons in a single day, that's 100 swagbucks for doing what you do anyway!

Daily Deals:  Much like coupons, these "groupons" act as a mix between Special Offer Sales, and coupons.  Since most people use or buy these items anyway, swagbucks figures that instead of you buying these items/subscriptions and getting only the items/subscriptions, how about they tack on some swagbucks for your trouble so you can earn enough to buy what you like from, or perhaps you would rather just trade in swagbucks for straight Cash through  700 swagbucks gives you a $5 cash return on

Games: There's quite a following with the Online games nowadays, probably because they're so easy to play and the leaderboards are pretty unique, allowing everyone to pit their skills against anyone else.  However, in this case Swagbucks makes the pot a bit sweeter.  While sitting there and playing your games [which you may or may not do anyway] you have the ability to earn a few swagbucks while you do it! Typically, you earn 2 swagbucks for every 2 games you play.  This seems to fluctuate a bit.  It's not awarded every time, but even still you're getting free swagbucks for playing games, which is now being ADDED to your 30-300 swagbucks you're earning anyway.

Part Two: Not only do you earn swagbucks for playing games, but you can also spend your swagbucks to enter tournaments! The leaderboards show you INTERNET WIDE the standings of people, but swagbucks goes a bit deeper and actually makes these tournies set up for local 'Best Score' winnings of massive swagbucks.  I have personally been practicing the game DROP 3.  While the internet wide highscore of drop 3 is well over 1 million points [which I will probably never get], the swagbuck tournament usually tops out at 150k points.  Seeing how I am around an average of 125k points, I will SOON be good enough to enter the tournament, and possibly win [up to 5 tournaments a month].  The points for tournaments vary depending on how many people pay swagbucks to enter each game, but usually Drop 3 tops out at anywhere from 1,200 swagbucks to 3,500 swagbucks.  Imagine how happy I would be!  That's anywhere from $10 - almost $40 in Gift Cards!

Special Offers: These are a series of Videos, Surveys, and Offers that will credit you different amounts of swagbucks depending on the item.

Between Gambit/TapJoy/TrialPay & RadiumOne - there are hundreds of offers available.  From Netflix, to Equifax, to AT&T offers.  Videos that if you watch them give you swagbucks and much more.  There is so much available here it would take a whole different blog to post it all, so I will just let you check this out on your own.

Paymentwall is the area you can go and keep tabs on all of the offers you've done or are in the process of doing.  Sometimes the offers don't credit right away, there have been some known glitches but this Paymentwall gives everyone the opportunity to stake a claim and fix an issue.


Tasks: This is a fairly new system Swagbucks has just instituted.  As you can see by the picture it is simply a series of tasks that people can do to earn swagbucks.  Some of them are daunting, some are very simplistic, but with a little elbow grease and monkey wrenching, you can squeeze some swagbuck horsepower out of this baby.

Trade In: This gives you the opportunity to trade in old items in return for swagbucks.  They have a comprehensive list of items that they will accept, but if you have what they are looking for, swagbucks will be given to you for them.  Things such as [mp3 players, cell phones, x-box, playstation, nintendo consoles, & old books].  Check it out.  See if you can find your old items in their lists and if you're willing to part with them you'll be compensated for it.  Oh... and THEY pay for shipping costs!

SBTV: Swagbucks TV.  This little contraption is another one of the top swagbuck earners.  It's a little movie player which is embeded into the toolbar.  You can use the homepage too, but this popup/minimize toolbar box plays all kinds of videos and even lets you minimize the popup TV so you don't have to watch them.  You can do other things while they play in the background.  Each one has an advertisement and the videos are anywhere from 1.5 minutes to10 minutes.  Your SB meter grows in incriments of 10%.  Every time you watch ONE movie, your bar goes up 10% until you reach 100%.  Once you reach 100% you win 3 swagbucks.  Then your meter returns to zero and you can start over.  
You can do this up to 15 times [although some have reported doing it much more than 15]  If you "Max Out" on SBTV, at 15 x 3 = 45 swagbucks.  That's ON TOP of the 30 average.

Surveys: One of the most contested swagbuck earnings is the Survey System.  These surveys have been specifically selected for certain types of people to fill out.  You will NOT get to do every single one.  You will have to sift through them, answer a few questions about yourself so they can determine if they want your feedback, and if yes then you can complete the survey and get the swagbucks!  I personally have applied/been accepted for one survey so far and it was for 125 swagbucks.  I've applied for a few others since then but haven't qualified.  If you believe that getting these swagbucks is worth a little effort to sift through some surveys, then this is the way for you to go at it!

*Note* If you try out for a survey but fail to qualify, Swagbucks will give you free entry tickets into a swagstakes [see below].

Swagstakes: If you feel like spending some of your swagbucks in a gamble, you can enter the Swagbucks Swagstakes for a chance to win prizes.  Each prize shows how much time is left until you cannot enter, or how many Entry tickets are left to be able to purchase.  If you win the swagstakes, they give you your prize, if not then you lose the swagbucks you paid to enter.

Swagstore:  The swagstore is where you can go to spend your swagbucks.  They have TONS of goodies here.  The most famous are the Amazon Gift Cards which you can use at and buy anything you want.  However, they also have other items and other types of gift cards that you can spend your swagbucks on.

I'm not going to spoil this part of the fun for you, go there and check it out.  You WONT be disappointed.

Referrals: For each referral you get under you, each time they get a Search Win, you get the same swagbucks also!  If one of your referrals wins 12 swagbucks on a Search Win, and another one wins 34 swagbucks on a Search Win, YOU just won 46 swagbucks, free of charge. You can receive up to 1,000 swagbucks per referral. [Essentially, you win 1,000 swagbucks for each referral assuming they Search Win over 1,000 swagbucks]

Account Menu:  Make sure you check your account status regularly. Use the circle arrow to Update your swagbuck total.  My Swag Bucks will show you your Ledger [which tells you where each swagbuck came from, and went to] You can check your referrals, your friends, which Gift Cards you have on order and more.  This will be your best friend as it keeps you up to date on all your swagbuck work.

Conclusion: Well now, if you've read this entire post I am hoping you have the feeling that you already know swagbucks WELL and are ready to get down to it.  Considering there's nothing to lose but time, and quite a bit to gain, it's a bargain.  If you decide to sign up and check it out, all power to you! Don't hesitate to comment questions or issues! I will be glad to help.

*Note* I would be very appreciative if you would be willing to go to the website by clicking [SWAGBUCKS].  Thank you!

Thank you for your time Ladies & Gents!
Captain Pasyyl