Friday, April 8, 2011

DTAMP Step 9 & 10: Complete

So on day two after finding my first penny I rocket up two more steps thanks to another good friend of mine.

We usually always sit and talk longer than most, about all KINDS of things.  In the midst of it all I asked him if he had a 5 dollar bill.  After doing a little searching he flopped one on the table, thinking I was asking him to buy my coffee.

After explaining that I was actually asking to trade him the 1 dollar bill, quarter and three pennies for the 5 dollar bill, and just a little bit of coaxing... the money was exchanged.  [THANK YOU]

Five Dollar Bill: [2006 - IF35538467A]

Captain Pasyyl


  1. Congratulations on your rapid growth.

    Keep moving forward!


  2. Thank you sir!

    I'm really super excited and encouraged, but I am also slightly concerned. The old adage comes to mind "the brighter you burn, the faster you die"

    I guess some things never change.

    Nevertheless, I intend to complete this plan, and I'm thrilled to watch yours too!

    Captain Pasyyl
    DTAMP [II]