Sunday, April 3, 2011

DTAMP [II] Work Proceeding:

Since the forums usually employ a 'rank' structure for those who post a lot, I thought about making these after I made the logo for DTAMP [II] and liked how it turned out.  Each rank is set up for admin and special posters and supporters alike. 

Four pips: Captain
Three pips: Commander
Three pips (one hollow): Lieutenant Commander
Two pips: Lieutenant Senior Grade
Two pips (one hollow): Lieutenant Junior Grade
One pip: Ensign

Obviously these are not mandatory, you may use any avatar you wish.  These are just in case you're interested in further supporting DTAMP [II] - as well as all the other DTAMP[ers] out there.  There are a SUPER select few who will get these novelty ranks as honorary positions, just as they deserve.  I believe they know who they are.

Captain Pasyyl

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