Thursday, April 7, 2011

DTAMP Step 8: Complete

About 11 minutes after I completed Steps 2 through 7, and being in the middle of taking a picture of my new winnings, two of my usual coffee friends showed up.

Well! I couldn't HIDE my excitement and asked one of them if he would be willing to help me by trading two quarters, a dime and four pennies.... for a Dollar bill, a quarter and three pennies.

After a funny look with raised eyebrows, and a few looks of confusion and half smile "what the hecks?" between the two of them, the money was exchanged.

Quarter: [2003D]

Penny: [1995D] - [1996D] - [1997D]
Dollar Bill: [2006 - L69151497H]

Besides this just being fantastic, and absolutely fun to do, I found it interesting that the three pennies I received [which he totally chose at random] were in numerical sequence by the date.

I am now on Step 9 thanks to friends and the lack of them needing to ask WHY I've lost my MIND!

Captain Pasyyl

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