Saturday, April 9, 2011


Saturday evening walking into said cafe yet again, found this penny just outside my car.

Penny: [1973D]

It really is amazing.  Finding this ONE penny, and using it to augment me just one cent [$10.01], reminded me of when I waited three days to find Step 1's penny.

I have a little vase thing FULL of pennies at home, but when I waited three days for the first penny and finally found it, it was worth MORE than all of those pennies in that vase combined.

Then finding THIS penny, it still has even more value then all the change I have saved up anywhere else, and more than anything in my bank account.

This project seriously teaches how to value your money.  I believe that when it comes down to it, I will end up getting rid of most everything I own now, and using my MILLION to re-buy some nice little things like my new home and car and everything else.  Those items will have the value that we should have of the things we are responsible of taking care of.

I am thankful to be allowed to see this take effect in my life.  Valuable lesson...

Step: [12]
Stake: [$10.01]
Needed: [$9.99]

Captain Pasyyl

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