Thursday, March 17, 2011


As my first post on this blog, I am glad to introduce the [swag-on].

My hope is that it will inspire swaggers to continue swagging-onward into the swaglike frontier.  It was interesting to hear a story about someone who posted that she saved up enough swag bucks to buy her kids a Nintendo Wii, with accessories.  That completely inspired me and showed what dedication can do, even if it is only swag bucks.

If you are even reading this right now, I am honored.  Thank you for your time and if you're interested, check back for future posts.  I hope to help everyone by presenting my experiences (including experiences of other people's experiences) of swagbucks and how to get the bang for your buck as it were.

SWAG-ON Ladies & Gents!
David Pasyyl

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